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Carrier Clinic Partners with University of Pennsylvania for Nexalin Clinical Trial

August 9, 2017 (BELLE MEAD, NJ) – Carrier Clinic is pleased to announce that it has begun a clinical trial designed by the University of Pennsylvania to test the effectiveness of Nexalin transcranial stimulation (TCS), a non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).


Used clinically at Blake Recovery Center, Nexalin TCS has been shown to have positive effects on individuals withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. The success of the clinical application led Carrier Clinic, Nexalin, and Investigators at the University of Pennsylvania to undertake a formal scientific study of the therapy as an addition to standard care for severe major depression.


The clinical trial, designed independently by Dr. Michael Perlis of the University of Pennsylvania, will focus on patients with MDD who have been treated with traditional medication therapy that proved ineffective.


The trial itself represents a unique collaboration between industry, academia, and a health care system. Industry (Nexalin) initiated the study and is underwriting the costs. Academia (UPENN) is responsible for the study design, data capture, and data analysis. The Health Care System (Carrier Clinic) is implementing the trial in a real world setting with patients that suffer from severe major depression.


“Parsing out tasks and responsibilities in this manner will not only ensure the timely completion of the study, it also provides for a trial that is insulated from bias and will provide results that are more generalizable than standard industry or academia-based randomized controlled trials,” Dr. Perlis said about the collaborative nature of the study.


This sentiment is echoed by the study partners.


“The future of health is the brain - and the ability to stimulate the brain’s ability to heal itself. We have a lot of confidence in our medical device, which is why we are setting up this clinical trial so that we (Nexalin) will have no influence on the study results,” said Nexalin Technology’s Chief Operating Officer Mark White.


“We have seen the results of the application of this treatment in our addiction center, and are honored to collaborate with Nexalin and the University of Pennsylvania on a clinical trial that shows such promise for those suffering from MDD,” said Donald Parker, CEO & President of Carrier Clinic.


The clinical trial will last six months and will be used on patients on a voluntary basis.

For information about Carrier Clinic and any of its services, contact the Community Relations Department at 908-281-1513.


Carrier Clinic, an independent, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare system, specializes in psychiatric and addiction treatment. Carrier’s system includes an inpatient psychiatric hospital, detoxification and rehabilitation center, adolescent residential facility, and a fully accredited middle and high school for students classified emotionally disturbed. For more information, visit



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