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Staley Sednaoui is a Princeton-based certified nutritional counselor. She helps her clients discover better nutrition; and focuses her practice on the psychology of eating in general and emotional eating in particular.


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Back to School often means head lice! Try a Natural Solution for the problem.

 A year ago my daughter came home from a wilderness hiking camp in Maine with a head full of lice. She happens to have an enormously thick head of hair and she was really infested. However, before I figured out she had lice, she had passed them on to her cousin. Now both girls had lice. Great! I did the traditional Nix treatment on both girls for two days running. Summer ended and we all went home. My daughter remained lice-free, but my niece kept getting lice over and over. My sister-in-law finally gave up battling the lice herself and called in the professionals. She found an organization called Licenders, Inc.  A professional “nit-picker” from Licenders, Inc. arrived at my sister-in-law’s house at 7:00 pm and worked on my niece’s hair until 10:30 at night. Best of all, Licenders used natural, pesticide-free products to eradicate the lice. Time consuming and a bit pricey, my sister-in-law thought it was well worth every penny. Everyone’s hair was inspected, the house was checked, the lice were gone and all-natural products had been used in the process. My niece even had a purse-size spray of “lice repellent” that she could keep in her backpack to spray on the seat in a movie theater or any other suspicious location.


Most lice treatments like Nix, Rid, Clear, and Eliminate use permethrin, a synthetic pesticide, as an active ingredient. The side effects can be skin irritation, nose, throat, and eye irritation, as well as burning, rashes, tingling and numbness. Usually these products have several inert ingredients that add to these symptoms. To put it in perspective, Nix lice shampoo has 4 times more permethrin than Raid Yard Guard; and Rid lice shampoo has 8 times more permethrin than Hartz 2 in 1 flea shampoo. Scariest of all, the lice are becoming resistant to these pesticides.


Licenders, Inc. offers natural products to solve the problem. You can buy their products online and do it yourself, or call them for an emergency home visit in NY, NJ and CT. Definitely worthy consideration if you have to tackle head lice this year.

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