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CogniDiet® Book Rewires the Brain to Tame Cravings, and Lose Weight for Life - Lose Up to 45 Pounds in 6 to 12 Weeks with Self-Guided Program

After three years from concept to publishing, the successful CogniDiet® program is now available in book format. Titled Weight Loss Starts In Your Brain: A Clinically Proven 6 to 12 Week Program with Self-Discovery Tools and Experiments to Lose Weight Naturally, the book is available on

"Contrary to a typical diet, we focus the teaching and support on self-discovery and personal transformation," said author Veronique Cardon, MS, a holistic nutritionist and founder of the CogniDiet® Weight Loss Programs. "Our mantra is ‘Weight loss starts in your brain®.'"

Cardon began finalizing the book following a 12-week clinical trial conducted in 2016 that validated the program's success. In the trial, 40 women aged 41 to 73 lost an average of 12 lbs. with a maximum weight loss of 33 lbs.

The clinical trial mirrored the success participants realized in Cardon's CogniDiet® classes. Participants have shed up to 45 lbs. in 12 weeks. They also lowered their total cholesterol by 7 percent, LDL by 6 percent and triglycerides by a whopping 30%. One 55-year-old program participant, who lost 25 lbs., said, "This is not a diet, this is freedom." The book’s chapters follow the 12-week curriculum and use brain rewiring techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroplasticity and mindfulness-based stress reduction alongside nutrition education in a simple and seamless fashion.

"The CogniDiet® proves that steady wins the race," said Cardon. "And we have the research to back it up," she added, referring to the clinical trial whose results were presented at the American College of Nutrition in November 2017.

This book is ideal for those who:

  •     Have been yo-yo dieting all their life and know they have to change
  •     Have tried numerous diets, shakes and supplements and want to lose weight naturally
  •     Are concerned about the adverse effects of excess weight on their health


The book includes chapters on rewiring the brain, how stress makes you fat, friendly fat and powerful protein, how to boost your metabolism, and more. It also features Cogni-Tips throughout, sections to add your own notes, tools, games and a discussion guide after each chapter so readers can host a Cogni Book Club.

Consulting editor Clifford N. Lazarus, Ph.D., describes it as "a book one doesn’t simply read but actually does."

"Who knew changing behaviors and lifestyle could be this fun?" commented Maria Benito, M.D. a CogniDiet® clinical adviser.

The book is available on for $29.99. For more information, visit or call 609-285-2949.

About Veronique Cardon, MS

Veronique Cardon is a holistic nutritionist with a master's degree (summa cum laude) in holistic nutrition from the Clayton College of Natural Health. From 2007 to 2011, she practiced as a nutritional consultant at The Princeton Integrative Health Center. She created, tested and launched The CogniDiet® Weight Loss Programs in January 2014. Since August 2014, she has been a board member of the Princeton-based “Suppers Programs” and leads a monthly home cooking class, “Healthy Supper with a French Twist.” Veronique is also a member of the American College of Nutrition.

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