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Healthy Habits for 2021

No doubt about it, after a whirlwind of a year, we’re all ready to say goodbye to 2020.  


While we may not be able to control everything that 2021 has to bring, we can control the habits, goals, and resolutions we set for the new year. And so, if you’re ready for a fresh start that feels positive, energizing, and motivating, try implementing some of these healthy habits. Trust us, the little changes can make all the difference in your outlook. 


1)    Track your steps 


Gym closures and busy schedules are no excuses for skipping out on your physical health, especially because simply walking is something that is readily available. 


If you want to get healthy for the new year, rather than setting major, hard-to-achieve goals, keep it simple with a walking goal. 


Invest in some sort of step tracker and every day see how far you’re walking. This should help motivate you to move more, and trust us, the more you get that blood flowing, the better you’ll feel in all aspects of your life. 


2)    Write it out 


Speaking of health, just as important as your physical health is your mental health. 


If you’re ending 2020 feeling a little scattered brained, overwhelmed, and anxious like most people, it might be time to invest in a journal. 


While writing in a journal might seem a little basic and time-draining, the benefits you’ll get from getting your thoughts out of your head is insurmountable. Try carving out some time for yourself to write in your journal every day, and watch as that heavy weight on your chest slowly lifts. 


3)    Self-care is healthcare 


We also want to encourage you to set some time for yourself in the new year where you pause. While journaling is one way to do this, you can keep it even simpler by taking the time to read, taking a bubble bath, investing in skincare, or simply lighting some soothing candles at the end of the night to wind down. 


However you want to add more self-care into your life is totally your call, but please, don’t skip out on it. 


4)    Unplug 


Another great healthy habit that we recommend implementing for the new year includes getting in some time offline. 


With so much going on in the world, unplugging and not being glued to your phone is a great way to clear some space in your head. 


Not to mention, if you can do this an hour or so before going to bed, there’s a good chance you’ll have a much better night’s sleep. 


5)    Sleep hygiene 


While we’re on the topic of sleep, sleep hygiene is something that is often overlooked. While most of us know that we should aim for 8 hours of sleep, it’s also important to remember that quality sleep is more important. This means an uninterrupted 8 hours, and ideally, on a set schedule that doesn’t have you rising and waking at different times throughout the week. 


Invest in a comfortable mattress, soft sheets, soothing essential oils, and even a sleep mask if you need it. Whatever you can do to get a better night’s sleep is something that you should prioritize in 2021.

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