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Six Insightful Recommendations to Prevent Back Injuries Stemming from Snow Shoveling


The Neurac Institute for Physical Therapy, a leader in neuromuscular rehabilitation and wellness presents six ways to prevent back injuries associated with the wintery season. Shoveling ice and snow can often lead to serious back problems. Neurac co-founder and physical therapist Ian Kornbluth, gives valuable and insightful information about how to avoid dangerous winter injuries.


“One of the most common injuries that we see at the Institute is pertaining to the back,” states Kornbluth. “When shoveling or lifting heavy snow, you should always spread your hands apart on the handle for better leverage and bend at the knees, not from the waist, to prevent back problems or strain.”


The Neurac Institute of Princeton recommends these six safety tips when shoveling snow. The Neurac Institute can help prepare the body for shoveling or other strenuous winter activities with their private fitness classes and physical therapy. For more information visit


1.     Stay Hydrated. Keep a bottle of water or juice nearby.

2.     Warm Up. Begin by shoveling very lightly and then stretching to prepare the body for more strenuous activity. Consult with your Physical Therapist or other healthcare professional to learn safe and effective ways to warm up and stretch.

3.     Maintain Good Posture. Spread your hands apart on the shovel for better leverage and bend at the knees, not from the waist. Do not twist your body. Move your feet instead.

4.     Avoid Heavy Loads. Never remove deep, wet snow at once. Do piece-by-piece.

5.     Don’t Forget Your Other Side. Occasionally switch sides to shovel snow with your non-dominant side.

6.     Take Frequent Rest Breaks. Ask for assistance from a neighbor to avoid over-exertion.


About the Neurac Institute

The Neurac Institute for Physical Therapy, located in Princeton, New Jersey, is a leader and innovator in neuromuscular rehabilitation, wellness and fitness. As the first accredited Redcord “NEURomuscular-Activation” clinic in the United States, the Neurac Institute utilizes the revolutionary Redcord suspension therapy system in combination with other progression/regression exercise techniques that provide high levels of neuromuscular stimulation to gradually strengthen and restore a person’s normal movement patterns. It is this distinctive neuromuscular focus and one-on-one quality patient care that positions the Neurac Institute on the cutting edge of physical therapy today.


The Neurac Institute is the national educational center for Redcord’s neuromuscular activation training and accredited CEU courses. For more information visit


Images of the institute and staff are available at:


About Redcord USA

Redcord USA provides treatment, education, research and development of the Redcord modality and Neurac treatment method. With a focus on active wellness, optimum sports performance, and painless rehabilitation, Redcord USA addresses the needs of medical and fitness professionals seeking better ways to address muscle imbalances and chronic pain. For more information, please visit



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