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Staying Fit - Virtually

On March 16th of this year, personal fitness trainer Mike Campbell stopped going to his clients’ homes.  The Covid-19 virus was heating up, stay at home orders were issued by the New Jersey government, and businesses were shutting down.  On top of the state restrictions, Campbell works with many clients with health conditions that make them vulnerable to the coronavirus.  He did not want to risk bringing it to their homes, and getting them sick.

Campbell had been doing virtual online fitness training with some clients who had moved out of state, had 2nd homes in other states, and those who took extended business trips.  He moved quickly, and contacted his New Jersey and Pennsylvania clients, and told them they could continue their exercise programs with Skype, Zoom and MS Teams.  90% of them made the switch that week.

In the next couple of weeks, something interesting happened.  Campbell’s schedule exploded with more business.  Clients were not taking business trips and vacations, and they were not getting sick.  They also took the opportunity of working from home to schedule more sessions to get ahead on their fitness goals.  Some clients were impressed with how well the virtual online fitness training worked, and they began to refer family and friends that live in other states.

The benefits of virtual online fitness training are numerous. The coronavirus cannot be transmitted through computers and tablets.  For 24 years Campbell has made a career out of precise instruction of safe and effective exercise, and that translates well to web-based training.  Scheduling is more flexible, and there are more time slots for training.  But most importantly, the consistency and quality of workouts are maintained, and the progress continues.  Due to being home, most of Campbell’s virtual training clients got in better shape due to the frequent workouts, eating healthier, and not going out to eat.

Covid-19 has been devastating to both the fitness industry, and to exercise enthusiasts.  Gyms, fitness studios, Yoga studios, and Pilates studios are closed, with no defined date of re-opening.  When they are re-opened, their allowable capacity will be reduced, so getting in without a long wait will be challenging.  With virtual online fitness training though, getting in better shape is still possible, and more convenient.

Mike Campbell offers a virtual free consultation / first session to anyone interested, with no pressure to sign up.  If you do sign up with him during the month of August, he will provide a basic equipment set up at no charge.  For more information about Mike Campbell’s Personal Fitness Training, visit, or call (609)770-1111.

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