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5 comments - Last on 05/02/2011

Does the C-Prime Bracelet work?

 This summer I was introduced to the C-Prime bracelet. It’s a polyurethane bracelet, which attaches with a magnetic clasp and is embedded with an “activated substrate” which enhances one’s flexibility, balance and strength. A few simple “tests” where performed on me with and without the bracelet. My flexibility and strength were noticeably better with the bracelet on, so I bought one for $100. The price seemed steep, but it was good looking, very sporty and chic, and it was going to enhance my well-being, right?


One morning, less than a week after I bought it, I noticed it was missing from my wrist. It must have caught on something and popped off and fallen to the ground without my knowing it. Shoot. I went back to the person from whom I bought it and inquired if I might be able to buy another bracelet at cost. He informed me that the bracelets wholesale for $80 and retail for $100, so there was no great break to buy it wholesale. Wow, I thought, old C-Prime is making some real jack here!


Not wanting to spend another $100, I went home and did some research on the C-Prime bracelet.  Needless to say, there’s about a 50-50 split of pro and con opinions out there. Some people think the C-Prime and other magnetic bracelets do wonders for the wearer; others think it’s all hocus-pocus. There are also many other brands sold (Power Band, CieAura, EFX), and some are much less expensive. The C-Prime is sold through network marketing. We used to call this a “pyramid scheme” and, for many people, that holds a negative connotation.


Out of the blue, my husband very generously surprised me with a replacement C-Prime bracelet. Even though I though it was overpriced and probably didn’t work, I was thrilled. I’ve been wearing it everyday for the last few weeks and I just can’t decide if it’s “working” or not. My sore knee does feel a bit better. My sore thumb is improving. On the other hand, I have been icing my knee regularly and have been resting my thumb. Hmmm. My conclusion is that whether the magnet bracelet works or if it’s merely the placebo effect, I’m not sure it matters. If my aches and pains improve with the bracelet or with positive thinking, improvement is improvement. Besides, it’s a great looking bracelet.


Anyone out there reading this want to weigh in on the C-Prime bracelet?

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The C-Prime does work - I am 57 years old and have been asked to raise my GrandChildren, ages 4 & 19 months, full time!!!  I was dragging until 6 weeks ago I put this bracelet on and have NOT run out of energy yet.  Yes, I get sleepy when I need to sleep, but do not get the afternoon laggish feeling I used to get or even get the lag after sitting down for dinner.  If you need a boost, this is the thin to get!

I am 61 years old and bought my C-prime bracelet at the NRA convention in Pittsburgh over the weekend.  I stood in line waiting to disprove everyone there that this and others like it was hocus-pocus.  I was amazed during my own before and after demonstrations.  When I walked back to my car (a distance of several blocks) I noticed my heels were not sore from the western boots I wear and my usual sore back was not sore.  Later in the day I did not notice the usual mid-afternoon fatigue I am accustomed to.  The next morning I took it off to shower (you don't have to) and noticed I immediately began to feel sluggish.  I went back and bought one for my wife (who had listened to my testimony the day before with some amusement), came home and put one on her wrist.  She immediately had more range of motion in her shoulders (she has adhesive capsilitus [sic]), and experienced a similar level of sustained energy throughout the day that I did.  I am a natural skeptic, and wonder when the benefits of wearing this will wear off, but hope it never will.

It does work.  I was given mine a year ago by a customer in my print shop.  He knew I had numerous health issues with pain and knee and lung issues.  I was 60 and was very sceptical.  I wore it for a month and started to see much less pain, more energy, and my joints started to get a lot better.  I have worn it for a year.  I tried not wearing it for 2 weeks and the pain gradually got worse .  I put it back on and and in 3 days I was back to my old self  My son is now suffering an undiagnosed pain and I gave it to him so now I have been without it for 4 days and I am ordering a new one for me.  Having better balance and so much less pain has improved my life.  I know that enrgy is a big part of how our bodies function down to the basic cells..  I believe that by wearing the bracelet it creates a better field of energy flow that allows our body to try and work at a more natural pace.

I was also skeptical but a friend loaned his to me.  I noticed it immediately - no pain in my shoulder when reaching to pick up my purse from the passenger seat.  Also, I just made a 1500-mile round trip by car by myself over the July 4 weekend and did not get sleepy driving!!  At all!!  That really surprised me, as I always get sleepy if I drive more than 3 hours or so.  I had a lot more energy when wearing it.  I had to give it back today, and I noticed my knees hurting as I climbed the stairs to my office, which they hadn't for the week I wore the C-Prime.  I think I will have to get my own.

I am one of those people who do not believe anything unless I can see, hear and feel something for myself. The cPRIME bracelets work! I thought the person was putting up a show in testing my balance with and without the bracelet on my wrist, but it does work. Personally I noticed that the slight ache I have in my finger disappeared. I got re-confirmation when putting the bracelet on my father in-law that is dement and was not told anything about the bracelet prior to putting it on him. His balance when walking was greatly stabilized. We gave him a push in the shoulder to throw off his balance but he held his ground. Normally he would have fallen over. I tried it on my husband with the same results. Rather that falling over though, he would take some steps to the side. But with the cPRIME bracelet he stood still as a rock. I was told by the person who sold me the bracelet that the bracelets with the “fancy” buckles can get annoying and in the way, so therefore I bought the one that doesn’t have the metal clasp. I feel so excited about this bracelet that I wish I could by one for all of my good friends. We are all made up of energy so to me the cPrime bracelet does make sense even though I can’t explain it.

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