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Jane says to Heal Thyself

Summer tends to throw me off my game. Sleep schedule – off. Exercise routine – sporadic. Diet – when does a peach and tomato make a meal? Alcohol – no comment.  By September, my body and mind need a little TLC and maybe a few, new, good habits thrown in for sanity sake. Fall 2021 is ON - my calendar is filling up and I need to be ready.

With that in mind (and body), Jane says . . .

to try a new workout routine – for me, everything begins with how my body is feeling and if my jeans still fit so if your peloton is starting to collect cobwebs head to the new, super cool studio Locomotion at 287 Witherspoon Street and speak to Mike Valcarcel, the owner and visionary behind a complete body workout.  His weekly class schedule covers yoga, boxing, bodyweight HIIT, and lots o’ STRETCH and in the spirit of community, Mike offers a FREE Princeton stadium workout Sundays at 9am, followed by an incredible stretch class - this is a great way to intro yourself into the LOCO scene. 

Bad habits are hard to break but good habits are easy to start. Here are a few good ones that Jane says are essential . . .

getting a massage – weekly or monthly? No matter – just book it with Mary at Health Land Spa in Pennington.  This NOT your cushy, pricey, spa experience – this is a no nonsense, therapeutic treatment that eases muscle pain and makes your body say YASSSSS! Mary knows her way around a table and will work on specific issues or just all around muscle work.

going to a chiropractor – this is not quackery, this is your spine saying thank you – read up on it – if your spine is fine, then so are you.  Ari Cohen @Princeton Chiropractic Wellness Center will show you the way – the package of 6 visits is the way to go. He’s gentle and intuitive and Stella, the office manager, is sweet as pie.

taking an ICE BATH (or a very cold shower) – athletes have been using ice baths to recover quickly from muscle strain for years and now it’s your turn. Fill a tub with cold water and add ice – if you don’t have a tub, Rubbermaid has one to be used outdoors (yes, it's actually sold to feed livestock but you can soak it in, too). 

The temp should be cold – 45-55 degrees and you should soak for at least 5 minutes – 15minutes best. Dunk your head at the end because you are probably anxious, or a bit depressed like everyone else, and ice helps with that, too!


buying stuff that your body will LOVE –

Theragun Mini –  very popular, ultra-portable, on-the-go treatment for sore and tight muscles. It’s a mini massager that you can take ANYWHERE and it works.

Moist Heating Pad – got cramps? shoulder/neck pain from screening like a maniac?  The MHP is your friend for life. Combined with a brilliant muscle rub (preferably with some THC) rub it wherever sore, and apply your moist heating pad – heaven.

Epsom Salt Baths –the Romans did it, and you can too. At the end of a hard day (or not) there’s nothing better than sinking into a hot tub of healing epsom salt. I like Dr. Teals Pure Epsom Salt Soaks. There are several to choose from – all good, you cant go wrong. Perfect for post workouts, too.

Footwear - after a season of flat sandals and Havianas, heal your feet in style with smart, comfortable footwear – we have come a long way from Easy Spirits. These are some of my faves:

Birk Madrids are now avail in SHEARLING:

AND the Arizona now has TEDDY BEAR vibe:


Sorel Kinetic Sandal works with corduroys, black pants, and your favorite jumpsuit


AND this INUIKII sneaker/boot is on my radar and should be on yours

It's so easy for me to go down the shoe/boot rabbit hole so let's switch gears to your GUT - yep, the tum tum needs TLC because GUT HEALTH is important. Most of the time your GUT is stable but stress (who has that?!) antibiotics, prescritption drugs (who takes them?!) can create havoc and you will need to stabilize your tummy. After being prescribed a strong antibiotic, Pro-45 saved me from numerous embarrassing situations (you know). After one dose, I was free to be. Try this and thank me latah:


watching things that don't stress you out - yes, i thought Mare, Handmaid's, Queen's Gambit, White Lotus, Succession, GOT, The Servant, etc. were all worth it but sometimes I do want to feel good about humanity so here are a few shows that might bring you joy:

Ted Lasso

Call My Agent

Better Things

Sex Education


The Kominsky Method

Broad City

Grace and Frankie


PS - Jane says does not receive any $$$ for mentioning products. I'm just passing along what I know to who I know for free because I love telling people what to do.

Cheers and be well!















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