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Hot Flashes? Fever? Sunburn?

Hot Flashes? Sunburns? Fevers? Sore Feet?

I have discovered something that is a good solution to that hot feeling in the middle of the night that many of us are beginning to notice. It’s called a “Chillow.” I heard about it on some TV show, and it sparked my interest so I ordered one. Low and behold, it’s great. It’s about 13.5”x20.5.” about the size of a pillow. It’s made of soft vinyl and foam and has a foam center. You fill it with water and it becomes this cool pad that ---- for some reason I don’t understand --- stays cool all the time. There’s no refrigeration needed, but you could refrigerate it if you wanted it really, really cold. I have been trying it the last few nights and it’s fairly great. It’s thin enough that it sits on top of your pillow and is quite comfy. It can also be used for fevers, sunburn, headaches, sore feet and any discomfort where cooling will help. It’s supposed to be great for kids. I ordered mine from and it came in two days and there was no shipping fee. Price ranges from $21.95 to $34.99 depending on which one you order. I ordered the ChillowPlus. They also have a mini size version.  

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