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Princeton, NJ Women's Health

Fluid Physio


We believe everyone has the right to live their life to the fullest; with our holistic approach, we help people achieve unrestricted movement and improve their performance faster, taking traditional physical therapy to the next level. We know that it is much more than just fixing the problem. It's about feeling better and moving better every single day while maximizing quality of life. Fluid Physio is different from other physical therapy practices because of our approach: We identify YOUR goals and expectations, EXAMINE your issues, ANALYZE your current situation and STRATEGIZE a program that works with your “real” workday to ENABLE you to succeed. We can help with a new or chronic problem and treat injuries from head to toe in every single person. At Fluid Physio every patient is an athlete!

30 Minute Hit - Princeton


NJ Ladies, welcome to 30 Minute Hit Princeton, where women thrive! Our women's only gym is perfect for all fitness levels. Join a supportive community and achieve your fitness goals with our 30-minute circuit blending kickboxing, boxing, self-defense, and core exercises. Enjoy high-energy, stress-relieving workouts with a trainer always on hand. With no set class times and unlimited workouts included, you can exercise whenever it's convenient. Plus, we offer a gated child area for your kids. Book a free trial today at and start your journey to a stronger, fitter you!

Mind Body Pelvis

Mind Body Pelvis, LLC, is a specialized physical therapy practice with a sole focus on pelvic health through an individualized and holistic approach. Dr. Natalia, owner and founder of Mind Body Pelvis, is a physical therapist, certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner and pregnancy/postpartum corrective exercise specialist. She emphasizes not only the root cause of physical dysfunction but also the underlying emotional and spiritual needs of her clients. She is passionate about removing the taboo surrounding women’s health and pelvic floor related concerns. She believes that anyone experiencing discomfort ‘down there’ deserves to be heard, validated, and have their concerns addressed by a pelvic specialist in a safe and judgmentfree environment. Her approach to women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction is through compassionate and holistic care, centered on empowering her clients to take an active role in their healing.